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Happy New Year!

Hey everybody!

I’m back!

I didn’t actually go anywhere, but I haven’t been posting here and so now I’m saying I’m back, but really if you have been checking out my Twitter feed or my Facebook Page you’ve still seen me – or at least heard from me electronically. In a social media kinda’ way.

This, the first blog of 2012, is coming out dangerously close to January 3rd. In fact you’re probably just now seeing it on January 3rd.

Anyhow, to help celebrate the new year I have the first 2012 State of Stuff for Wiggy VonSchtick Productions right here:

Now I have to go off and drink the little bit of The Stocks red wine that we have left and write some more for the new web series we’ll be shooting this year.

See you tomorrow!

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Wine Blog – This Might Be A Horrible Idea

Is this blog about wine?


Is it fueled by wine?


Particularly a Lanzarac 2004 Chardonnay that has been in the fridge a smidge too long and smells like old gym socks but still tastes surprisingly good – like a stinky cheese.

Cheese sounds really good right now. And crackers.

The wife and I are feeling conflicted right now about our enjoyment of “Jersey Shore” since it is the kind of TV candy that rots brains faster than a tooth in a glass of Coke/Pepsi. But we enjoy it so much!  The premiere was on tonight and I think that they are starting to show some strain. The relationships just felt a little more forced than previous seasons, but after hearing that a few of them left early during the filming of the next season I guess that isn’t such a stretch.

I’m gonna’ eat a Hershey bar.

See you tomorrow!


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Project 365 8-17-2010 Post Elopment!

Wow!  Great time eloping and a great day that followed!  Thanks again to Faulkner Winery for being such a great host!  The Food was great, the venue was great and the wine, of course, was a favorite!

Big ups to the South Coast Winery & Spa – we will be staying here again if for no other reason than this:

That’s their famous Bananas Foster Pancake.  It will make you squeal like a Twi-hard.

I’m completely exhausted so this is gonna’ be short.  Oh, and we brought home some wine:

See you tomorrow!

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Project 365 3-11-2010 Shoes, Wine & Stuff.

For my birthday I got a new pair of shoes.  They are called Sanuks and they are probably the most comfortable shoes that I have ever owned!  And they are totally affordable!  My new pair only cost $54 and once I put them on I have a hard time taking them off.  I’m still wearing them now and it’s keeping me from getting in my p.j.’s.  Here’s a link to their website so you can learn more.  I seriously just went there to get the link and ended up spending a bunch of time there.  I think I found new flops for the summer, and they’re under $50 bucks.

As I write this I am avoiding the completion of some re-writing that I should be doing for an event that is happening tomorrow.  The re-writes aren’t hard, but I’ve been going non-stop all day today and I really wanted to take some time to mellow out before I try to be creative.  Mellow time includes a bottle of white wine from the bottles that Rene and I got when we briefly worked for a wine distributor… before they went under, didn’t pay us and went into hiding.  Sometimes life can be so dramatic.  At least the wine is good.

Today’s photo is of my Sanuks after I finally pried them off.  I feel like I should put them back on.

See you tomorrow!

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