When did folding laundry become bourgeois?

Or maybe it didn’t. All I know is that I should be doing that and not writing this, but I’m very determined to maintain my daily writing, even if it interferes with other tasks. I’m sick. Not so sick that I’m debilitated, just sick enough that I’m producing a great deal of snot that ends up filling my throat and stomach. That’s actually worse then the whole being sick thing.

I have “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” on in the background as I fill out paperwork and make phone calls. It’s a later season marathon and the big bad is Dracula. It’s really good! The more I see of Joss Whedon’s stuff the more I like it.

I’m still working on the blog that I mentioned in The ShmimCast. I’m hoping it will be up tomorrow.

Now I must go!

See you tomorrow!

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