The New Project 365 – 2010

Some of you who still use MySpace may remember a photo project that Rene, Dean and I did back in 2008 called Project 366 where we took a picture of ourselves once a day for every day in 2008.  At the best of times the picture represented what we were doing that day or a general mood of the day but sometimes, especially near the end of the project, it was just a last minute picture of whatever.  2009 had no project attached to it and, while the first couple months it was a relief, we started to miss having a project to do.  After a few failed attempts to launch new projects the three of us have come to a bit of a decision on a new plan, so here comes Project 365 – 2010!

The rules for this year’s project are a bit looser than the rules in 2008.  For example Dean will be taking a picture of whatever he finds interesting that day and posting it.  Rene has decided on themes for each month of the year and will be blogging about them as she goes.  I will be doing a hybrid of the two.  I will be taking pictures of what I find interesting, trying to keep to the themes Rene sets, and will be blogging about the pictures which will be posted here.

This project started on January 1st 2010 and will be complete on December 31st 2010.  Yes, I know today is the 4th so I’ll be posting catch-up blogs until we get up to date, in fact there will be one up right after this blog!  Let me know what you think and follow Rene through her project here and you can follow Dean on his Facebook page, when I get a URL I’ll post it.

See you tomorrow!

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