Teaching the yoots.

I'm carrying a lot of frustration right this very moment. I got started on business early today because I knew I had a LOT to do. I knew that it was going to be a struggle to get it done in the allotted hours. I knew I was fighting against time itself.

As it so often does, time won.

I remember thinking, and even Twittering I think, about how slowly time was moving last week right before the weekend. I actually felt like I was getting more than I expected to get done done, but today time flew by! I looked at the computer screen and wrote out a form. The next time I looked at the clock two hours had passed! That was a surprise. I was able to contact who I needed to contact and even get some extensions on some deadlines but I really wanted to get to the bank today. It would have been very beneficial in the short term, but I didn't make it. Have to add that to an already busy day tomorrow.

Don't mean to bitch, but I really had to vent. Thanks for reading my verbal diarrhea. Now I'm going to go teach the yoots. As much as I like teaching the kids I could really use these two hours right now.

Ok gotta' go.

See you tomorrow!

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