Location Scouting

As much fun as making a movie is there are parts of it that can be tedious. One of those things, for me, is location scouting. Being a creative guy I have very specific ideas of what I want when I write or read a movie script. The house should look this way, the stairs go there, the lake needs to be surrounded by trees, etc. When filming starts and everything is in place and we are at the place we're supposed to be at I'm cool, my head completely reconfigures to what the actual physical location is, but until then my brain is a slave to my initial idea or concept. I should never try to be a location scout, but right now I have to be.

Today Zeke the director and I eliminated a few spots in the Long Beach area. They looked great on paper, the price was right, but when we got there the feel was just wrong. Too noisy, not big enough, too clean… Little things in the grand scheme, but very important when it comes to making a good movie.

So now we go home and begin the research again. Our line producer is checking some options and there's a possibility of shooting out of state (although I really don't want to) but in the end we're ahead of the game still so at least I don't have to panic.

Oh crap, taxes are due next week! That's actually a good reason to panic!

See you tomorrow!

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