Project 365 9-23-2010 The One Ring

Ever since the elopement I’ve been wearing a placeholder wedding band.  Over the last few months Rene had shown me a variety of different bands helping me to pick one out that I liked and for a long time none of them were “singing” to me.

I wanted to avoid typical precious metals.  I had one before and, with hindsight being 20/20, it really wasn’t worth it.  It got scratched up, it was expensive and when all was said and done the thing that it was best for was selling to cover a car payment.  This time I wanted a light weight, unique piece that both Rene and I liked that would be different but not outlandish.  This is what I picked:

It’s titanium with a stone inlay.  I REALLY like it and it costs a fraction of what a typical band would cost.  And you can’t scratch it.  And it I ever get caught in an Indian Jones-type situation where I need to hold open a stone door before it closes shut and seals us inside an ancient tomb this ring can do it!

I’m not going to wear it until the family ceremony in October, so the silver ring from the mall is going to get a bit more play.  Also it will make it that much better when I finally do get to put it on.

See you tomorrow!

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  1. Cool…congrats on finding THE RING! 🙂

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