Project 365 9-22-2010 Catching Up

Wow!  Apparently I’m really bad at maintaining a blog while I’m moving, rehearsing a new play, looking for film funding, shopping reality programing, teaching, getting a corporation back on it’s feet and planning a wedding.  I apologize for my dereliction of blog duties and for the passive aggressive way that I just talked about how busy Rene & I have been.

As you have seen from the pictures that I did remember to take over the last few weeks we’ve been up to a lot!  I still want to revisit my day at the L.A. Time Festival of Food & Wine – I emcee’d right next to the stage that I shot two of three seasons of Sabrina the Teenage Witch on – but I’ve finnally caught up so I want to talk about today and what it makes me think of: sleep, Taco Bell and how fast time has been moving.

Sleep, due to the lack of it.  there’s just too much to do.

Taco Bell because for some reason I’ve had a craving for it the last couple days and I finally gave into to it today.  We’ll see how my colon fares tomorrow.

Time flying because it just is!  I started working at 8am today and it was 5pm before I knew it!  There is still so much to do.  I have three emails to write that I’ve been meaning to get out since Monday – guess that’s what Thursday is for.

Rene and I are in a new play this fall called “Zombie Love”.  It opens soon and Rene and I will be getting even less sleep as we do rehearsals.  Here’s a picture of the script:

Now I’m going to bed.  Hopefully I’ll get my desktop fixed soon.

See you tomorrow!

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