Project 365 8-25-2010 The Eyes of the State.

I have a little secret…

…Rene and I aren’t exactly legally married yet.


Yes, we went off and eloped but couldn’t schedule a time between us where we could both be at the county clerk’s office at the same time to pick up our marriage license.

It’s OK, we found the time and that time was today!

It was pretty neat.  Rene took some pictures of us outside the court house when we picked up our document and I just noticed before I started writing this that they give you a little pamphlet when you get your marriage license and it is a list of “healthy things to do before you get married.”

It started off simply enough: add folic acid to your diet, exercise regularly, eat a balanced diet, get annual physicals, etc.

Then the next page over was an illustration of the cycle of domestic abuse and how to avoid it.

The next page was a list of local clinics that will check you for STD’s and a strong recommendation to be tested for AIDS before being wed.

I feel like that little pamphlet of well intentioned ideas totally farted on my pancakes.

Still it couldn’t douse my excitement about getting married. 

Rene is awesome.

See you tomorrow!

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