Project 365 8-16-2010 We Eloped!

Yep, you heard right!  We eloped!  It was an amazing day and we are so grateful that our friends and family could join us!

Enjoy these pics:

These are just the pics from Rene’s camera, there are about a zillion more from different cameras – not including from our photog!  I doubt that I’ll ever get around to posting those, but this is still a good representation of the day.

See you tomorrow!


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2 Responses to Project 365 8-16-2010 We Eloped!

  1. Awww…CONGRATULATIONS!!! It looked beautiful and Frankie looked so handsome and happy! 😉
    I’m very happy for the both of you…so exciting!!
    My older sister was just married yesterday, my wedding anniversary was on the 13th…August is a great month for weddings!
    Cheers to a long and happy life together!!!

  2. Oh! You guys look so happy and relieved!!! Congratulations! It also looks like the ceremony was beautiful and as if it went off without a hitch…well, other than the one usual hitch that’s supposed to happen. Anyway…Yea! *^_^*

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