Project 365 8-13-2010 Most. Boring. Day. Ever.

I sat in a chair for about eight hours today. 

Almost a straight eight hours. 

I was stuck in front of a computer reading statistics and figures and watching informational videos for the school. 

Got there at 10am, left there at 8pm.  I only got up to eat and pee. 

I only ate once.

I was under the impression when I got there that it would only be a couple of hours.  I even went in my gym clothes because I was headed to the gym right after – but it was not a couple of hours.

I got paid for it though and that makes it all worth it, but, man, I was unprepared for that amount of sitting.  This is why I could never pull a wage slave job, the tedium is hellish!

I still went to the gym after and looked like this when I got home:

See you tomorrow!

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