Project 365 7-8-2010 Hungry!

One of the side effects of working out on the regular is an increased appetite!  I have found myself eating much healthier and much more on a regular schedule than I ever have in my life.  I actually eat breakfast now – and that’s something that used to require third-party intervention.

My current favorites, besides Rene’s delightful eggs and fakon (that’s fake bacon) are oatmeal and the blended breakfast things at Jamba Juice.  Right now Jamba Juice is running all kinds of specials too so eating there is suddenly very reasonable!

When it comes to dinner there is a food that has been my favorite since I was a kid: Spinach Tortellini in Alfredo Sauce from The Old Spaghetti Factory!  It’s the only thing I get when I eat there.  When I’ve ordered other things I’ve only been disappointed.

My parents got me an order of it tonight and surprised me with it.  I planned to take a picture of it but my work out appetite got the better of me so this was all that was left:

It doesn’t look as good once it’s all gone.

See you tomorrow!

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  1. HAHA…love the pic of the day! I can imagine it being very yummy. Pasta has been a huge craving of mine this pregnancy. And I have definitely been HUNGRY ALL the time! 😉

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