Project 365 7-29-2010 Es. Pee. Eff.

So you guys saw the post I made several days ago about getting to go to the pool with my sister and her kids, right?  How I was only there for an hour?  Well I got a sunburn!  Seriously, look:

Those are my shoulders and I was wearing 50 SPF sunblock.

IT WAS 50 SPF!!!!!!

Do I need to just paint my body to keep from getting burned?!

I can deal with being pasty white, it isn’t a problem for me.  I understand that my body does not tan – never has.  In the best circumstances I turn a darker shade of pale and in the vainer years of my twenties I even used self-tanner to get that all-over candy corn glow, but the point is I know that my skin hates direct, long term sun exposure and so I take precautions.   I’ve done it since I was a small child and watched as the SPF numbers have grown, but 50 is about as high as you can get without applying opaque paste and even that couldn’t stop my shoulders from doing their best lobster impression!

I’m just thankful that it doesn’t hurt.  My shoulders are a little itchy and I have to be gentle with them in the shower, but no actual pain.

Crap, I hate to think of what they’d be like if I hadn’t been wearing anything at all.

So, all you pasty people out there like me – BE CAREFUL!!!  The sun has increased its offensive capabilities and is out to burn us, one pale bastard at a time.

Ooooh!  My mom said that Bullfrog makes a 90 SPF.  Maybe it’s time to get some of that!

See you tomorrow!

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  1. That sucks, looks painful but glad it isn’t. đŸ™‚ Can’t believe that was with 50 SPF…wow!

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