Project 365 7-20-2010 Tuesday

Today is Tuesday of the unintended “Week of Getting Things Done!”  (Imagine the part in quotes in a booming, echoy voice.)

I wrote a to-do list on Sunday night of all the things that either need to be or I wanted to get done by Friday of this week.  It’s the whole sheet of paper and I’ve been adding a thing here or there as they come up.  As of this evening I have checked off about a third of it so if I keep up at this rate I should TOTALLY have the whole list complete by Friday!

By the way, totally off topic, my use of the word “totally” came back into the fold during the writing of “Stupid Teenagers Must Die!” when we were writing 80’s catch phrases and terms into the script.  Back then I figured that it might be a problem getting 80’s phrases stuck in my vocabulary but only one phrase stuck: “totally.”  I annoy myself at how often I use it, but at least I’m not saying “exactly” every other sentence like I was in 2005.

Anyway, back on task, originally the picture for today was going to be of the list that I’m doing so well on…

…but then I realized how much kinda’ personal information was on that sheet of paper so instead you get a cute picture of Pete the chihuahua chewing on his favorite toy:

Ain’t that cute?

The day today blew by like a flash and as I look back on it and try to think of interesting things to write about all I can remember are emails and the phone ringing.  And working out.  I feel very strong right now.

See you tomorrow!

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