Project 365 7-16-2010 How Is It Already Friday? or It’s Hot and I Hate Traffic

I spent a LOT of time in the car today which was OK because the car has air-conditioning.  You know where there wasn’t A/C today?  My meeting at Sunset-Gower Studios.  And it was hot.  Crazy hot.  Sweat rolling down your back into your butt hot.  To SGS’s credit they did their best to get the air blowing again, but it just wasn’t working.  Still, I was grateful for the meeting and the opportunities that rose from it.

Back to the car…

I always know when I’m driving too much and that’s when I actually listen to all of my podcasts.  I download a bunch of podcasts.  I download several about film making, podcasts to learn Japanese, comic book podcasts, a butt load of NPR podcasts… there are a lot.  I listen to podcasts in the car more than I listen to music which makes me feel old, but I’m informed so it’s cool.  Today I cleared a whole iPod.  Even after downloading today’s new ‘casts when I got home I still only have five left.  Traffic was abysmal and even though I really like my podcasts there are times when you’d rather be home than learning about the usage of the particle “go.”

Today’s picture is of the sky:

The cloud is misleading as it implies that there is moisture in the air and that it is a pleasant summer day when in fact it was as hot as a volcano’s ass crack.

See you tomorrow.

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