Project 365 7-14-2010 Wanna’ Help Us Get Married?

What to write, what to write?

I’m not feeling the muse today and I’ve been sitting catching up on my YouTube subscriptions hoping that something would stimulate an exciting blog out of me.

It didn’t.

My mind is preoccupied by all the stuff that DIDN’T happen today and, in a totally unrelated way, the BP well cap that might or might not be working.

However, since I don’t have much else to write about tonight I would like to ask for your help!  Rene and I have entered a local radio contest to win a wedding!  We could really use the help because we’ve had to cancel the wedding we were planning – long story, not worth telling.  So please follow THIS LINK and vote for us!  They announce the top ten couples on Friday and we would really appreciate your support!

Today’s picture is of my empty juice cup:

Ever since I’ve stopped drinking soda my appreciation for juice has grown exponentially. 

See you tomorrow!

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