Project 365 5-15-2010 Engagement Party!

I love a good party and tonight was a good party!

Tonight we had our engagement party where all of the wedding party as well as the immediate families all got a chance to meet and get to know each other.  As with things that involve moms, there was food – SO MUCH FOOD!  I thought that I was going to write a long winded description about how things went down with the party and how everyone got along – and they did – but I thought that the pictures would speak better than I could so here’s a selection of photos!

This is today’s official photo for the day:

These are silhouettes that Matron of Honor Karen created from photos she found on Facebook!  Very impressive and actual size!

Here was the spread:

What isn’t pictured are the four trays of lasagna and a giant bowl of salad!  No one left hungry.

Then there’s the people:

Here are the ladies: Julie, Karen, Kerri, Rene, Brokke & Molly.  Gigi is the dog down front.  True story: When we called all the ladies to the photo Gigi walked to the group and posed.  We have several photos of her with the girls, it was adorable.  Gigi will not be in the wedding.

These are my guys: Dean, Zeke, me, Jeff, Dempsey & Scott.  And then here’s a picture of us drinking:

And here’s a picture of frivolity:

So there you go!  Now on with more wedding planning!

See you tomorrow!


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  1. Those silhouettes are to die for! She did a grand job! I love, too that she included puppy in there! *^_^*

  2. Totally agree, those silhouettes are awesome!!! Looks like a great engagement party…congrats!

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