Project 365 3-20-2010 Yay! Saturday!

There is a lot that I could talk about today and I’m having a problem deciding on both a picture for the day and a theme.  I actually woke up this morning a bit overwhelmed and over-thinking.  It took most of the morning and a good part of the afternoon to get past, but I did.  The less talk about that the more comfortable I am.

One of the things I wanted to talk about, even though it could technically fall under the blog for yesterday, is how much I enjoy the podcast The Tobolowsky Files from /Film.  Stephen Tobolowsky is a very recognizable character actor who’s worked on more shows than are currently on television.  He is a great story teller and I realized last night, after midnight so it totally qualifies as a “today” thin
when I looked at my recently updated iPod and saw that there was a new episode how much I look forward to each new episode!  If you enjoy filmmaking listen to this podcast.  If you are a new actor listen to this podcast.  If you just like a good story listen to this podcast.  I highly doubt that you’ll be disappointed.  I should probably copy and paste that last paragraph into an iTunes review for the show.  Dave Chen, if you are reading this, first of all congratulations on becoming an American citizen and second I will totally add this as an iTunes review when I’m back at my desktop on Monday.

Rene and I had a great evening together.  She had a craving for a huge Cobb salad so we went to Rutabagorz where she got exactly that.  I got the garlic chicken pasta and I feel bad for all of the people in a twenty-five mile radius who can smell the garlic pouring out of my pores.  It was delicious, but SO garlic-y!  Officially my picture for today is this:

I thought it was a neat picture of a sign.  Rene was pretty sure that it would come out blurry, but I totally got it!  But we took a few other pictures that we liked tonight including this:

Then we got sticky toffee pudding and beer and cider at The Olde Ship.  We took a picture of that too:

Now I’m goign to bed.  All this typing is making me sleepy.

See you tomorrow!

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