Project 365 3-2-2010 I’m 33!

Today is my birthday!

I’ll a whole 33 years old today, like a real grown-up.  Birthdays have changed for me since 30, they don’t feel like they used to.  Gone is all the, “It’s my day!  Bring me crap!  I want cake!”  Now it’s just, “I want cake!”

I do want cake.

Rene and I spent the day together.  She got to hear me make phone calls, we got lunch at The Cheesecake Factory, and stopped by Knott’s Berry Farm for funnel cake and boysenberry punch.  We used the “shoppers pass” option to get the funnel cake and boysenberry punch because I just couldn’t justify $53 tickets for junk food.  Delicious junk food, but junk food all the same.

Today’s picture is me eating funnel cake:

I am also fortunate to have good friends and co-workers who threw parties for me both at work and at our weekly “LOST” viewing.  It was a humbling and happy couple of days.  I send my deepest thanks to all of you guys.

See you tomorrow!

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