Project 365 2-6-2010 My Suit Still Fits… Again!

As a Saturday this Saturday was pretty typical.  School, home, etc.  The difference came in the evening as it was Rene’s Gala Opening Night for “Jake’s Women.”  Having seen the show last night I joined her for the event afterward.

In an effort to look good for the Gala I wanted to dress nice so I decided to put on my suit.  It’s a nice suit, but was tailored to me when I was about twenty pounds lighter.  I worry every time there is a formal occasion that I won’t actually fit into my formal clothes, but I just found out last week that I fit in my old tuxedo so I figured the suit would have to fit too!

When I first reached into my closet I pulled out a black suit, laid it on the bed and started getting ready.  I put on the pants and… not so much.  This was really confusing because my tux pants went on so easy and these felt inches smaller – but I was determined so I sucked in my gut, hooked and buttoned everything in place, and made to leave.  Then I tried putting on the jacket – wrong jacket!

Turns out I had put on the pants from a wedding tuxedo I had fro my friend Scott’s wedding.  All the pants had come a bit too small and on that day I actually wore different pants but kept the wrong fitting ones, apparently so I could have this comedy of errors two years later.

So I switched suits, ran out and enjoyed the Gala.  Today’s picture is the correct suit.

See you tomorrow!

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