Project 365 2-5-2010 The Three Day Day

Today felt like it was actually three days all crammed into one.  It started early, right around 6:30am, so I could go prep the office at IC Talent for the shoot we were doing there.  I was the only one at the office so it was a really relaxing morning, you know, by work standards. 

Today’s picture is of the call sheet.

When we were done I drove by to see Rene and have lunch and start “day two – work as usual.”  Since Sundance there has been a lot to do to keep up with what it takes to make a movie, or in my case find financing for a movie.  This section of the day is almost a blur of repetitive actions and phone cals and texts – and Without a Box.  If you are a filmmaker trying to get in on the festival scene then you need a Without a Box profile!  It is THE place to be able to submit for just about every festival out there.  And now you can submit for RAW: Natural Born Artists through there too!

Then starts “day three – Rene’s opening night!”  Rene’s play “Jake’s Women,” opened last night and Rene is FANTASTIC!!!  You should all go see it!  It plays through the 28th of February at the Costa Mesa Playhouse.  Rene completely steals the stage when she’s on it and is hysterical!  Totally worth the ticket price for her alone – and that’s not just the boyfriend talking.  Don’t get me wrong, the rest of the show is also good, but come see Rene.

When written down it doesn’t seem like that much, but it felt much longer.  As long as I don’t wake up to find out it’s Monday I think I’ll be ok.

See you tomorrow!

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