Project 365 2-21-2010 Happy Birthday Rene!

It was Rene’s birthday today and as soon as I was done working we were celebrating!  Once you cross a certain age threshold the way you celebrate birthdays changes.  Gone now are the days of hard partying and drinking until you vomit, now are the days where you sit with family eating gumbo and decadently sweet red velvet cake.


I believe the picture for tomorrow might just be the bowl of icing that was still left over, but today’s picture is of the card her nieces made for her:

 It’s a pretty good likeness, except that Rene’s hair is longer than this, but still very nice!  
Tomorrow is Monday, unless every calendar in the world suddenly craps itself and has a change of heart, and that means right back to business.  So I’m going to crash and get as much sleep as I can.
See you tomorrow! 

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