Project 365 2-20-2010 Spa Day?

The spring is a big time for birthdays in our little circle, including family and friends.  Rene, her niece Katie and my birthdays are all about 10 days apart.  Actually, to get particular about it, Rene and Katie share a birthday.  There is a strong tradition of having a party for your birthday in the Bordelon family and this year there have been some pretty crazy schedules to have to work around so today was Katie’s official birthday party (Rene’s will be tomorrow).

Katie had all her friends over for a pajama-party-that-isn’t-a-sleep-over and they did sleep over type things like mani/pedis (done by one of the moms), pizza, general bedroom playing with dolls and the like and, of course, the wearing of pajamas.

Rene and I had to get there after the festivities had already begun due to work and stuff and by the time we got there the men folk were in the living room watching the Olympics, the women folk were in the kitchen preping food and the children were everywhere!  One of the few things that both calmed the girls down and got them all in the same place at the same time was a paraffin wax hand dip.  They even insisted that “Uncle Curtie” do it.

Today’s picture is of my hands dipped in paraffin wax.

See you tomorrow!

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