Project 365 2-18-2010 A Very Full Day.

I’m not even sure what exactly what to say about today, but it was busy.  Had a strategy meeting in LA at Toast.  Ate pancakes and turkey sausage.  Went to a commercial audition for Subway.  Didn’t eat anything there.  Then headed south to spend some time with Rene and her nieces at Disneyland for their birthdays.  Ate a coconut curry beef and rice bowl.  In between was all phone calls and emails.  Didn’t eat during much of that.  Then I taught at the school.  Had a Mountain Dew there.  Last I came home and started writing questions for a meeting tomorrow.

There were a lot of really great things that I could have taken pictures of today, some of which Rene did get pictures of, but the picture that I have chosen for today is the last food I ate today: El Torito chips and salsa.

They represented the fact that I was actually home and didn’t have to be anywhere else today – and that was nice.

See you tomorrow!

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