Project 365 1-4-2010 Saying Goodbye & Princess Tiana

On Wednesday my friend Darius Rose is moving to New York City.  To send him off in style some of the cast from “Last Christmas…” (the Christmas show that I did this last December), Rene and I spent a few hours with him at the Disney parks in Anaheim.  Darius is a new friend, we only just met during the show.  He’s funny and fun and I think he’s going to have a great time in NYC.  I would love to have the opportunity to move there myself right now!  Rene and I are pretty sure Frankie the Wonder Dog would love it!  But that isn’t the reason why I choose this picture for today.

To me this picture represents something that I try to remember for myself everyday – enjoy the little things and savor the little victories.  We didn’t ride a bunch of rides today, we didn’t see a bunch of shows, but Darius wanted to get a picture with Princess Tiana before he left.  A little thing that made him happy.  Not ecstatic, just happy.  It was just what the moment needed.  I think it’s easy to overlook these moments.  A lot of the time we get caught up in all of the “big” things in our lives like careers, money, those miscellaneous “stressors” that can so easily distract us from the fact that there are a bunch of little moments every day where we have the opportunity for some simple happy.  You don’t even have to look for them, they just show up, but you do have to be willing to see them when they come.  Each little victory – picking up the laundry, remembering to eat right one day, making the bed, even just making it to work on time – stacks on top of the last.  The little victories can help make the bigger victories – a raise at work, spring cleaning, finally asking out that special someone – that much easier to achieve.

It’s not necessarily an easy lesson, I know for me there are those days when it just doesn’t seem like anything is going the right way, but if you stick to it the feeling is great and makes it easier to do next time.  Seeing Darius get this picture, or Rene’s first video blog, or even seeing Frankie when he gets his daily walk are all reminders about how important the little victories are.  What little victories have happened for you lately?  Leave it in the comments, I’d love to hear about it.

See you tomorrow!

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  1. we know what i’ll need to do on my next trip to Dland.

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