Project 365 1-16-2010 Saturday…

Today was a day.

Saturday’s are a big teaching day for me.  In addition to the classes we have agents seeing kids for possible representation and we have the big presentation for potential students.

Saturdays are a mad house.

I really enjoy the teaching aspect.  The kids are great, when they want to behave, and sometimes they can really surprise you with how good the work is – even the 6 year olds. But every once in a while, no matter how hard we all try, the day just seems to be a little off.  Today was one of those days and having it be one of those days on top of the fact that it was a crazy Saturday was completely draining.

Thankfully, after a few hours, chocolate cake, and a shockingly good cup of coffee I am feeling much better. 

Today’s picture is the aftermath of today: laying down with the dog.

See you tomorrow!


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  1. i want to know more about your classes sometime. and i love your dogs.

  2. And, thus, a theme for the week has been created! I’ve never really talked about this stuff in detail before so it goes along with “do something new January” as well!

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