Day 2 Operation: Television’s Curtis Andersen 2.0

Today has been pretty simple. Between jobs I did an update on the blog coding and updated my AdSense information since I’m seeing a sudden spike in traffic (Thanks for that everyone!). I also continue to read my book. These are the little steps, the “warts and all” steps that need to be taken to get where I want to go. This is not the glamorous part – in fact, like most things, there’s not a lot of glamor until the very end when you hit the goal – but it is a very necessary part.

That being said, I do have a gig this Friday!

Being a performer (in my particular case an actor) means that you are required to put (at least some) of your career in other people’s hands. For the most part, especially when you want people to book you for the better paying jobs, you need someone to book you for work. To get those people to book you they need to know what you can do. In order for them to know what you can do you need to put yourself out there. Often this happens with things like acting reels and going to auditions, but sometimes it is just dropping your name in a hat.

Last week I dropped my name in a hat for voice actors in Portland. They were looking for people to participate in script reading at a local radio station. Surprisingly I got cast in this week’s group! I don’t think this is broadcast, but if it is I’ll share a link. I just got the scripts today and it looks like a lot of comedy, so it should be a lot of fun. This is a bonus “achievement” (I should work out the vocabulary I’m going to use for this) that was unintended, but following the advice of my friend Amy (subscribe to her channel) I’m taking the time to appreciate each victory.

And here’s the playlist for April:

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