Day 1 Operation: Television’s Curtis Andersen 2.0

Today represents the first day of a new personal initiative. Back in 2015 when I started Operation: Television’s Curtis Andersen I had the goal of just getting back on TV in some way shape or form. After 400 days and lots of little victories in between (including movie roles and getting back into voice-over and doing a few shorts), I was cast in FEUD!: Bette & Joan. Success!

Then Frankie had his first tachycardia event.

This was a major turning point for Rene and I and it’s only with hindsight that I can really see just how profound that evening in March was. On March 28th Frankie passed away, surrounded by Rene and I, some of the best veterinary doctors we’ve ever known, and our friend Caroline (mom to his doggy friend Stella). It was a soul crushing day and Rene and I are still pretty devastated. We had completely turned our lives toward his care and we both feel a little lost now without having Frankie to be dedicated to.

But losing Frankie also kicked in a particular type of motivation, mostly a desire to keep my brain too busy to be sad all the time. It wasn’t all that effective (although things are getting better) but none the less that motivation is here and I feel like I need to use it on things that are constructive. The most constructive thing I can think to do with this energy is reaffirm what I feel like I’ve spent the last three years reaffirming but not necessarily working toward enough – reviving and then maintaining my entertainment career.

I know how this sounds given that I seem to do this re-start or make this declaration on an almost annual basis but this tells me two things:

  1. I cannot get away from this calling. I may have times when making money in reliable ways takes priority, but in my heart and in my soul I am a performer and I am not truly happy unless I am performing or involved in the industry in some way.
  2. I have not done enough to maintain my career. I seem to allow myself to get back to square one too often when I need to be taking more advantage of the opportunities that are presented to me.

I seemed to do my best when I was doing the first round of Operation: Television’s Curtis Andersen so it sounded like a good idea to me to try it again, with a different focus. Now instead of the single laser focused goal of just booking a show I am making the broader statement that I will work only in the entertainment industry again.

If you know about goal setting and making plans you know that this is not a good goal – it’s too broad. So instead of just having this overarching goal, I’ll be setting smaller, better goals each step of the way. Things that are achievable so I can get where I want to be.

Goal 1: Finish Born For This by Chris Guillebeau before the end of April.

It’s not a long book, but I am still working twelve hour days and it’s hard to read when you’re exhausted. Once I finish the book then I will set a new goal and we will continue on from there. I’ll also be making videos again, like the one below, as often as possible (but I honestly don’t know how often that will be).


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2 Responses to Day 1 Operation: Television’s Curtis Andersen 2.0

  1. Hey man,

    I’ve dealt with the whole “restarting” thing a number of times, and so I wanna tell you, I SOOOO relate. Lately though, I’ve been thinking that that kind of label doesn’t help me. It just brings me down. It’s also inaccurate. I never STOPPED working on my career. I just had periods of time where other aspects of my life took a front seat for a while.

    Also, I bet you’ve done a lot more recently then you are giving yourself credit for. I started keeping a “success” log (I got an audition, I wrote a blog post, I paid my SAG dues, etc) and it’s been helping me shift my mindset away from “Ugh, I’m not doing anything” to “Oh, I’m doing stuff AND I want to do more.” Anyway, my point is, be nice to yourself. You’re pretty awesome.

    And your blog and videos are really inspiring. You tell it like it is and as a fellow actor and creative person, I so appreciate that.


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