No Sweets, No Wheats: Today Is Day 1 (Well actually, Day 3)

For four weeks I will be gluten and sweet free.

Not sugar free, “sweet” free.
No honey, no sugar, no agave nectar, no artificial sweeteners, no sweet additive whatsoever.
Why am I doing this, you may ask? The long and the short is this:
  1. Monetary Prize and 
  2. Getting all sexy for the company retreat to Hawaii!
Oh, and I guess being kinder to my body isn’t a bad reason either.
In preparation for these next four weeks I had already started weening myself off of sugar – I stopped adding it to my coffee, put the kibosh on soda pop, lowered the intake of donuts, you know, the usual. But what I didn’t expect was that “weening” and stopping cold turkey would have surprisingly dramatic effects.
This blog was actually due to come out a couple days ago (along with a few others that are sitting here in draft form) – but it didn’t because I was completely listless. It took all of my concentration to work yesterday and then the idea of doing anything beyond that was unthinkable. I had headaches and just didn’t feel like myself.

Now I’m feeling much better.

On the 24th, my last day for food freedom, I did indulge a bit much.

I had a muffuletta from New Orleans:

Photo by Deep Fried Kadzu
A cannoli, also from New Orleans:

Photo by

And some New Orleans King Cake:

I would have taken pictures of the actual items instead of finding these images on the internet, but I ate them all so fast I didn’t have the chance.

Between working out and cutting ALL sugar I’m hoping that the summer beach bod will be in full effect sooner than later.

I’ll update as it’s worth updating.

See you next time!


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  1. Good luck, man! I’ve often thought about trying it out, but the task seemed so daunting. Maybe by watching your progress I’ll be less overwhelmed and give it a try, too? (My sweet tooth wasn’t happy when I gave up processed sugars for a month, but it got much easier after that first four weeks.) Keep us posted!

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