March Madness! No, not that one.

After a long absence, Nick McGee and I played in the March Madness Tournament for Improv Shmimprov.

March Madness, for those who may not know, is an internal Shmimprov competition where valiant two person teams of Shmimprovers battle each other to see who will be deemed funniest this season. We do it in March and want to ride on the coattails of the basketball thing, so it’s called March Madness.

It is customary for each team to come up with an extravagant introduction to open each show. Usually it comes in the form of a video. Last year Enrique and I did this one:

This year Nick and I had about a week to be able to put something together. Unfortunately this was, quite possibly, the worst week to try and do anything. Between Rene and my show schedule and Nick and my work schedules we came up with a cool idea, but no time to execute. So, in true improviser fashion, we improvised a scene on stage and utilized the wonderful Action Movie FX app on my phone!

Originally it was intended that if we won the first round this video would play as the intro for next week – and then we’d do another one, but we didn’t so I’m posting the video.

See you next time!

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