Mobile Blog: Beard Dye – Before/After

So, I know my blogging has been less than regular. It’s enough to chase away an audience for sure, but the reasons why I haven’t been blogging are good…

…and will be covered in another blog.

For today I am just focusing on the play that Rene & I are doing, Earthlings Beware, and the VanDyke that I grew for the part.

As I’ve mentioned in other blogs, my facial hair grows like that of a 4 year old’s. It’s taken weeks to get something that passes as real, adult facial hair. It’s kinda’ impressive for me, actually, but there is a minor problem – it is completely blond.

Now, my hair shifts between blond & red & when it chooses to be one or the other it REALLY chooses to be that color. Right now the beard has chosen blond which does not show up on stage as you can see in the before picture.

So I’m dying it!

You can see the finished product here, and see it on the face of Mr. Bissel, the science teacher of Mercury Mesa starting this weekend at The Costa Mesa Playhouse Fridays & Saturdays at 8pm & Sundays at 2am. Tickets are available here:

Also, if you act fast, you can get two FREE TICKETS to the opening Gala Event this Saturday! Visit the fan page for details:

See you tomorrow!
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  1. Anonymous

    I saw your pics of before and after like dude you have an awesome Cock

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