I Can Say A Little…

I know I’ve been cryptic about the projects I’ve been working on. I know some of you saw my Facebook/Twitter update yesterday and it got your brains going. I didn’t mean to be so vague, but I was really excited. It would have been very irresponsible to have said anything yesterday, but after today I can say a little. Probably won’t answer all of your questions, but at least I can say a bit.

I’m making a movie. A slasher movie to be specific. Now this probably doesn’t come as a great shock to anyone seeing as how that is exactly what I’ve been trying to do for the last few years, but today was the first production meeting for the slasher I’m making with my buddy Zeke. Today we met with about half the crew and one of the leads to get everyone on the same page and start the pre-pre-production! It was really, REALLY, cool! To answer some of the questions I think you’ll have:

– No, this is not a sequal to Stupid Teenagers Must Die!
– No, I’m pretty sure I won’t be in this.
– It will probably be out next year.

We start shooting in July and when that happens, trust me, there will be frequent updates both here and at the new Wiggy VonSchtick blog.

This isn’t the only thing in the pipe. Rene’s documentary is on track as well and she and I are also working on a western. It’s shaping up to be a good year!

That’s about as much as I can say for now. Title, cast and synopsis will follow later. Right now I have to do more work on Photoshop for the March Madness show this weekend and get ready for the final performance of Lebensraum. Busy week, busy week.

Talk to you soon!


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3 Responses to I Can Say A Little…

  1. Great news!

    If I were still in LA, I’d be scraping at your door with my production resume. Have you considered filming in Sonoma County?

  2. Perfect picture to use for this post. HA! That’s awesome, I’m excited to hear more about it and,- a western!?! PLEASE tell me it’s a musical

  3. Liz

    I’m so happy that things are coming together!

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