Priorities and Dog Pee

I woke up with high hopes of editing today. I had every intention of getting up, hosing off and going over to my friend’s house to finish the editing of my March Madness video so that it is ready for Saturday’s show – which you should all come to.

So I got up and turned on my computer. That was the moment that I killed any hope of editing today. When the computer booted up I was greeted, literally, by a series of very positive emails regarding my film projects, but totally unrelated to editing. Good emails about money, locations and even a voice mail about a new writing gig.

It was hard to be upset about this stuff taking up my time, in fact I wasn’t, nor am I now, upset about it at all.

However, one thing that was neither in the plan or a pleasant surprise was a puddle of dog pee that I found on the floor. I was watching my parent’s new dog, Pete, and he is a good dog. A very good dog. He’s friendly, quiet, and lovable – but he’s also a puppy and he isn’t house broken. I really only have myself to blame. I was on the phone to my mom letting her know that he was eating when all of a sudden I hear the “click click click” of his paws on the tile. I turned around just as his little leg lifted and, as if in slow motion, screamed, “NOOOOOOOO!”

To his credit he did stop and then went outside, but his little body can really hold a LOT of pee!

I have work to do so I’m going to go, but I’ll talk to you soon!

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  1. Yes. He pees. A lot. But he’s a cutie.

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