Fun Video Friday – Sallie The Heartland Ghost

I love a good ghost story.

If you have one I want to hear all about what you felt and what things moved and how the lights went on and off; yes tell me all about it – but I prefer if you have pictures and video. And I don’t mean just orbs or mist, I don’t care, show me the good stuff!

Back in 1993 the TV show Sightings had the good stuff. For about a year in 1993-1994 they covered a story called “The Heartland Ghost” where it seemed that a ghost of a young girl was haunting a house and terrorizing the man who lived there. So many things were caught on camera (as well as plenty of things off camera that are worth being skeptical about) that the story was revisited on more than 5 different occasions – including two web based episodes powered by AOL.

Yes, AOL.

I’m not saying this is definitive proof of anything, but today’s video is just about all of the Heartland Ghost episodes combined into one video:

Now, as I mentioned, this is by no means proof of anything. I do think that the stories presented in the Sightings episodes are, at least on the surface, presented in an honest way. But the Sallie story made minor celebrities out of Tony and Debra and they have continued to be associated with all things Sallie – including doing episodes of A Haunting and Paranormal Witness, both being programs that have been known to take liberties with the narratives they are sharing. To be fair, Tony and Debra have responded to how the editing was done on the Official Sallie House web site, in that they had no control over it, but it wasn’t until I saw the episode that I had ever heard that everything might be demonic or that there was a ghost of an old woman(?!?). Anyway, as a bonus here’s a quick peek at the Paranormal Witness version of the heat-sensing camera footage that you can see happen live in the Sightings footage. It’s pretty different and far more dramatic (surprise, surprise):

I couldn’t find a clip from A Haunting.

What do you think? I look forward to your thoughts!

See you next time!

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