Fun Video Friday! Brick Novax’s Diary

I had the pleasure of working with director Matt Piedmont on a PSA for AdCouncil this week. It was a blast! It’s a fun spot and the crew were tight and efficient. We worked so quickly that I didn’t have a chance to geek out on him about one of Rene and my favorite short films: Brick Novax’s Diary! We saw it the year it premiered at Sundance as part of a shorts program. It was in the morning and we were still groggy from the events the evening before. This short perked us up and was all we talked about for hours afterward. It even came up in conversation recently when Rene brought it up to the executive director of the Big Bear Lake International Film Festival.

So here, presented in this post, I give you Brick Novax’s Diary. Enjoy!

See you next time!


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