Curtis Is Consulting? Yes, I am.

Having over 27 years in a business teaches you a little something. Seeing that industry grow and change gives you clues to how it might continue to evolve. Once you’ve done something long enough you gain knowledge enough and confidence enough to start sharing that information with people. As many of you probably know I’ve been coaching actors privately and at different studios for over a decade and, more recently, I have started consulting about New Media and marketing. For the last few months I have been building the skeleton of a new website to be able to support these efforts, but I was recently turned on to a site that, at least for now, offers a lot of the functionality that I was looking for in a community where people can find the kind of consultants that they need. It’s called Maven.

I’ve only just started using this and, so far, it looks pretty good. They do a certain amount of confirmation of the people on the site and, from what I’ve seen, have a wide variety of industries represented. So, while I have been consulting for a few years, you now have a direct link to where I can be reached.

Here is my Maven site.

I look forward to your business.

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