Workout Update 2 – But without video

I keep thinking that I’m going to do a video from the elliptical machine or one of the weight machines, but I’ve been too chicken to do it. I build up the gumption and then, as soon as I’m in the room, I freeze up. I feel like there is definitely some kind of unspoken law that cameras remain out of the gym. Is this accurate? I look forward to your responses in the comments.

In the meantime, I’m really enjoying my workouts and have been looking forward to them with excitement so far. Part of my motivation while exercising is listening to music. I used to listen to podcasts, but I’ve been using my phone as my Walkman (follow the link if you’re too young to remember what that is) and I don’t currently load anything to it, I play everything through the net. I’ve been using Pandora since it does not require a subscription.

I used Kylie Minogue as the seed. The rhythms are consistent and energetic, the songs are fun and easy and it really helps you blowout a cardio routine. I played with a few other styles when I first started working out, general pop, New Wave, rock; but none of them worked quite as well as the Kylie station is.

While I’m not seeing huge results yet (duh, it’s only been a week), I am definitely feeling results.  Even though it’s only been a week I’m already feeling more energetic and alert. My metabolism must be kicked up a notch because I’m suddenly warm everywhere, even when I’m out with Frankie doing the late-night potty, and my appetite has adjusted. Instead of eating due to it being the scheduled time to eat, I’m actually hungry. So far I feel like these are positive signs.

What do you listen to when you workout, if you workout? I’m open to listening to new stuff, Kylie only has, like, a dozen albums.

See you next time!

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