Curtis Andersen at Studio 105 in Long Beach

I have been teaching people acting techniques and how to perform for about a decade. For the last six years I’ve been teaching at Kids Acting School in Lake Forest and, while I’ll still be there on the weekends for the foreseeable future, I’ll actually be teaching on camera classes at Studio 105 in Long Beach!

Studio 105 was opened last year by my friend Steven Nelson. He’s a working actor that you’ve probably seen in a few things and I know you’ve seen the commercials he’s been in. He’s also a talented screen writer and excellent instructor. Follow the upper link to see his school bio and check out his career HERE.

My classes start THIS APRIL! Wednesday April 3rd to be exact. Would you like to sign up? Well here’s how you do that!

(323) 898-3567

Follow the links for costs and times and keep an eye out for out demo spot coming to social media near you soon!
See you next time!

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