No Wheats, No Sweets – The Home Stretch

There are only FIVE DAYS LEFT!

I feel great, I like how my body is changing, I have more energy and the restrictions really aren’t so bad. In fact, after all is said and done, I will probably maintain a significantly lower gluten and sugar diet.

All that being said, I’ve never wanted a funnel cake so badly in all of my life.

The 26th cannot come soon enough.
I’m also looking forward to pasta.
On the “heath and well-being” side of things I think it’s pretty safe to say that my body does not appear to have a gluten intolerance of any kind. While I have enjoyed a general rise in my energy level it has not been the dramatic increase that was described to me by those who do have gluten intolerance (which is what I’ve been using as my signpost as to whether or not I’m gluten intolerant. Scientific, I know.). And I’ve also been working out more and eating better so I’m sure that it is contributing to my energy level as well.
Whatever the cause, I’m feeling good and starting my mid-thirties in better shape than my early thirties. 
Today more working out!
See you next time!

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