Changes Coming to Our On-Line Presence – SOON!

Rene and I have been making some changes over in our neck of the woods. Career changes, home changes, business changes – really the only things not changing are the animals.

Lazy bums.

Now there are other changes that are coming – new websites (I know I’ve been promising this for a while, now there will be a few more), new videos, all kinds of new things – but I’m also restructuring how some of the old social networking works.

Starting today, because a random Thursday is as good a day to do something as any other day, I’m going to start separating out what goes on which Facebook page. My personal Facebook page is going to get a lot more private, just family and actual friends. The Fan Page is going to start getting exclusive content – all the acting and production stuff.

So if you want a show schedule? It will be there.

Want to see pictures from the bobble head video I just shot? They’ll be there.

Want to latest updates about The Pom Pom Massacre or other production bits? Well, you should actually visit those pages, but the information will also be posted on the fan page.

I’ve tried this before, some of you may remember it, but I didn’t have any content to maintain it. Based on current events, content should no longer be an issue (Yay!).

See you next time!

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