Calling Myself Out

I’m mad at myself.

I’ve let myself get overwhelmed as I attempt too many things all at the same time and because of that there are things that I’ve fallen horribly behind on.

To cover my ass I should mention that the things that are making my living right now have received the appropriate amount of attention – I do have my priorities in line.

I’m now over four months past when I thought I would have started releasing the Wiggy Webs shorts that still sit in the editing computer in the bay waiting to be cut.  This really bothers me.  I think we’ve got some really fun content locked up in that machine, but I just haven’t found the time to cut it.  I’m purposely mentioning it here so that I can call myself out and raise the personal pressure to get these segments cut and done.

Rene and I also want to do a travel show.  We have some ideas that get us really excited, but it will probably be mid to late summer before we’ll have a chance to do anything about it. 

Don’t be afraid to constantly comment or question about when these things are going to get done.  Nothing motivates like the constant barrage of inquisitive voices!

See you tomorrow!

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