Building and LLC and A Half Empty Mall

Tonight I am building an LLC for the movie that I’m making. Having an LLC for a movie is important as you get investors and as legal protection as more and more people get involved. It’s a bit of a pain, but so completely worth it that I actually get a great deal of enjoyment out of getting these things done – especially when there is a budget to cover legal fees!

On a completely different subject, I went to the mall today – actually to go to the Food Court because I was hungry, I was out of food at home, and I was hoping against hope that I might find something kind of healthy there. When I got there I saw that half of the food stalls were closed! CLOSED!! All boarded up and everything! I looked around and, naturally, the only things left open were the big names in fast food and a weird salad place I wasn’t interested in. So I got Mrs. Field’s cookies and went hunting for food elsewhere. I ended up eating at Fuji Grill. It was good. I was really surprised to see how empty the mall was. I really haven’t been there since December and I haven’t seen just how much this economic down turn has effected the world of shopping in general. I keep hearing forecasts that the economy will be better by the end of the year, then another “expert” will say three years. I’m pretty sure no one knows a damn thing of what they are talking about. I’m just glad that I work in an industry that is the same level of risk regardless of economic climate – it makes it easy to state a case with investors that I am better bet right now.

See you tomorrow!

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  1. Yeah, it’s sad to see so many places closing up. Scary for the future. Yay for the LLC though! Good job honey!

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