Budgets, Books & Boxes

There seems to be no end to moving in.  Rene and I moved back in September and here we are, mid-November, and out place still looks like we moved yesterday.  I’m finally getting up the gumption to get everything put away and un-boxed. A lot of that comes from the fact that I’m selling off a bunch of crap I didn’t even realize I still had.  Right now eBay is my best friend!  I’m am so happy that my geeky 20’s can now be passed on to new 20-somethings who appreciate geeky stuff too!

And are willing to pay for it.

Speaking of paying for stuff – I’m all about movie budgets right now.  I have completed an updated budget for the documentary we are working on – more about that on the Wiggy blog next week – and we have been asked to produce a $5million budget for CMD!  I swear the little project that could just keeps getting bigger than we ever expected!  Now I just hope someone will finally fund it!

I need to go sort books right now, some to sell and some to store, so have a great remainder of a weekend!

See you tomorrow!

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