Mobile Blog: Writing on the Go on a Day I thought I Would Spend Entirely at Home

Ever since August Rene & I have constantly been on the go. Between work, other work, the dog, family, shows & work we just don't have a lot of free time. We choose it, so it's hard to say that it is a complaint, but when you are so used to "going" all the time it is easy to forget what real free time is like & it makes you all the more miss it when you expect to have free time & it is suddenly used up.

Take today, for example. I had nowhere I was scheduled to be for the first time in 9 weeks. I had grand plans to finish unpacking, do laundry, work on a couple budgets & create some forms for the movie we're working on. It was going to be a work day, but a casual work day without the pressure of having to be anywhere by a particular time.

The morning was mostly on track, I did get to unpack a bit, Dean & I moved some furniture, the dog & I were able to play & I got to enjoy my coffee as I read the news…

.Then I had to go to the post office.

Then I had to go to the bank.

Then I had to go back home.

Then to the mall.

Then to the post office again.

My day of "nowhere to be" became a day of "lots of places to be". I'm really looking forward to a day when I really have no plans, but I'm over the moon happy that a day like that probably isn't in the cards for a while.

See you tomorrow!

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