3 Minutes & Boobs

So, shameless plug out of the way first, here is this week’s “3 Minutes with Curtis & Dean” where we talk about Star Wars!

Two things to remember:

  1. Han shot first.
  2. Sebastian Shaw is Anakin Skywalker.
Now onto other things…
I’m including another video today, not a Wiggy Webs show but a video parodying X-Men: First Class. It starts slow, but hang in there:
I am totally on board with the message of this vid. Even when I was  a horny 14 year old boy it always seemed strange to me that super heroines/villains would run around almost nekkid  blasting each other and fighting. I just feel like both sexes need a lot of support, and maybe even a little protection, if you are prone to being in heavy combat situations. I feel like Mark Millar and Bryan Hitch did a very good job in The Ultimates of creating super hero outfits that look like they’d actually work for super heroes.
Anyway, enjoy the videos.
See you tomorrow!

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