WordPress: Yes or No?

OK, this is going to seem like a weird thing to post on my Blogger blog, but I’m considering moving over to WordPress for this, my primary website/blog, and for the Wiggy website/blog. I have a few friends who are getting a great deal of value out of it and, even though the set-up process seems daunting (I was distracted when I was signing up and was caught off guard by how many pay options there are – I just want the free stuff, right?) I do think that it will allow me to expand and post content while still allowing me the flexibility of a regular website…

…but that’s why I’m reaching out to you!

I want to hear from WordPress users out there who can toss me some tips and tricks! I really haven’t had time to check out all the themes, options or even really set-up my profile and that’s a big part of my problem – lack of time! I will find the time to to do the set-up, but I want to know what mistakes to avoid so that it takes as little time as possible.

Do I need to know HTML?

Please tell me your stories in the comments!

See you tomorrow!


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  1. I adore WordPress….you do not need to know HTML unless you find a template you want to tweek. I actually in the process of recoding a template for someone we know, so it acts more like a website and less like a blog.

    Does your site host offer WP interface to download? Then there sould be thousands of templates to choose from, but it is in fact, very time consuming to find the perfect one.
    But it only takes seconds to change it to a different one.

    ~kristina maxwell

  2. I use blogger for my blog but I just launched a wordpress blog website for a friend of mine and with the right tweaking it is acting like a website and the blog is secondary. Because my blog is just a blog and I don’t need it to offer anything else blogger works great for me. But the wordpress option is nice because of all the features you can add to it.
    If you are using it just as a blog it functions pretty much the same as blogger with the WYSIWYG format to type your blogs and load them.

  3. Thanks ladies! I think the WP is gonna’ work out, but I’ll need to play with it a bit. Where can I find a few extra hours each day?

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