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It’s been over two weeks since my last blog and in that time there has been so much going on.  they include:

  • Business stuff I can’t talk about yet, so I’ll stop mentioning it.
  • A trip to New Orleans Louisiana for business and pleasure.
  • Super cool stuff for the documentary.

There is an opposite side to this coin, but they are such first world problems:

  • My to do list continues to grow faster than I can check things off.
  • There’s not enough money for all the cool shit we want to do.
  • There is too much cool shit that we want to do!

 We had a great time in New Orleans!  Rene’s family hails from the Crescent City and I have always wanted to go there.  Even though the effects of Hurricane Katrina are still very obvious, the city has a magic that no natural disaster can wash away.  In addition to enjoying the local flavor of the town (including the food, drinks and even the touristy stuff) we also stumbled on to a couple movie sets that were filming down there.  Here are some select pics of our trip:

Looks like we may be able to do some business in N.O. and that is VERY exciting!  Whether it is business or pleasure I can’t wait to get back!

Since I’m catching up I’m going to go off and write a few more blogs about some of the other stuff I mentioned earlier – spread them out over the next few days.  The next one will be published Monday, give you something to read at work that might be slightly less boring than what you should be doing.

See you tomorrow… err, Monday!


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  1. Is that Barq’s Root Beer in a bottle? I LOVE Barq’s since it is the only caffeine I have allowed myself to have.

  2. Yep! It was perfect with a Mufalata!

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