Project 365 8-18-2010 First Day Back & The Bad Brownie.

Man, oh man was it hard to get back on the ball today!  Really could have used a few more days at South Coast and maybe a spa treatment or six – but work waits for no man! 

Today ended up being a pretty easy day anyway -private student and then teaching the regular class – so even though we’re technically “back” my brain was still a bit on vacation.

At least it was until I was attacked in the mouth by this:

This was a terrible brownie!  Horrible!  It tasted like dry cake mix and while some of you may like dry cake mix straight out of the box (I confess I’ve enjoyed a spoonful or two in my life) this was not dry cake mix given easily eaten solid form.

It was gross and crumbly and I will not buy another Togo’s brownie again until either A) I forget how bad this one was or B) they get a new brownie.

See you tomorrow!

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