Project 365 7-6-2010 Food Fail.

I’ve been so good about my eating.

Ever since my stomach flu a few weeks ago I’ve been very careful about what I eat and I’ve been off of soda and coffee, soda because it’s apparently very bad for you (and it hasn’t tasted right since I’ve been sick) and coffee mostly because of the horrible week of caffeine withdrawal that came from not drinking it on a regular basis.

But then came tonight.  I finished teaching at 8pm, picked up the camera for a new project at 8:30pm, had to stop at my post office box and left there around 9pm and then was on the phone in the parking lot with a colleague until about 9:30pm.

I was hungry and it was late.  I knew I was out of food at home so I’d have to stop and get something.  All the normal places I would have stopped at were closed.  I didn’t want to go to the grocery store and I had a craving – Western Bacon Cheeseburger.

I gave in:

We’ll see tomorrow if my system completely rejects it or not.

See you tomorrow!

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