Project 365 4-14-2010 Taxes

Man, oh man, all this working out is making me sore, but it’s the right kind of sore.  I always get this feeling when I start and, intellectually, I feel like this should be when I want to give up on the whole “working out” bit, but the opposite is true.  Months from now I’m probably going to try and convince Rene that I simply don’t have the time to make it to the gym, even though we have been getting very effective workouts done – and then back home – in under an hour.  When it comes right down to it, as much as I like to yell up and down about loving butter, that everything is better when fried and that I can’t wait for more “fair food” it has actually been really busy easy to eat healthier and keep up with the fitness. 

All that good stuff is fine, but it doesn’t eliminate the fact that I need to get my taxes done – and I did them tonight.  This year definitely looked better than last year, but I can’t believe that taxes need to be as complicated as they are.  Really we need a math formula to see how much we owe?  Really?  There isn’t and easier, fairer way to do this?  I’m convinced that tax law is kept complicated just to keep everyone who works at the IRS employed.  I’m willing to be wrong, but no one has offered evidence to the contrary.

Today’s picture is tax inspired:

These were my tax forms.  As an actor I get a LOT of W-2’s.  The process of entering them takes longer than most people, but it also usually means that my tax obligation is covered – even though I have a lot of 1099 work too.

Well, that’s enough private info on the internet for one day.

See you tomorrow!

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