I was listening to my podcasts in the car, as I’m want to do, enjoying Matt Fraction, the current writer of “The Invincible Iron Man”, on Word Balloon hosted by John Siuntres.  The interview was mostly comics and pop culture, but Mr. Fraction mentioned something while talking about… geez, I don’t even remember the subject, but that’s not the important part… he said, “when you realize nothing matters you realize everything matters.”  It’s a very simple way to say that we are a very small part of this universe with a very short time in it.  In the end our actions have very little effect in the overall result of all things, but for that reason, if for no other reason, we should take advantage of all the time that we have to do the things that we are driven to do and enjoy that time to the highest degree.

I think that’s a good thing.

Unfortunately I’ve now run into a bit of a problem since I remember I started this post with a larger point and now I can’t seem to articulate it.  I’m blaming it on exhaustion and calling it a night.

See you tomorrow!

P.S. The Venus statue above is made of white chocolate.

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